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Fishing in Auburn PA Bear Creek and Schuylkill River

I finally got out fishing for the first time this year. I went this Wednesday and tried my luck at the Bear Creek and the Schuylkill River.

We (myself and the dog) left about 8 A.M. and walked down the tracks to
where the Bear Creek and the Schuylkill River meet. Lucky enough, on the first cast, within two minutes I had a 12 inch small mouth bass reeled in.

That was pretty much where the action ended. I did catch two more small whiteys in the Bear Creek and one additional one in the Schuylkill River.

The bugs were not that bad, but the flies were acting agressive. I spent about one hour there and then started hiking back home.

Here you can see the only decent fish of the day – a smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass from the Bear Creek in Auburn PA

Smallmouth Bass from the Bear Creek in Auburn PA

On a side note, with Memorial Day coming up, you can find the latest about Memorial Day events in Auburn Pennsylvania here.

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Some old businesses in Auburn Pennsylvania

Some old businesses in Auburn Pennsylvania

These days there are not that many public businesses in Auburn,PA. There are a few. Some include E&T Restaurant on Orchard Street, Elaine Miller’s Beauty Salon on Market Street, Union Bank and Trust on Market Street, and Clauser’s Mini-Market outside of town on Rt. 895 or East Market Street.

Going back twenty or so years, a number of businesses come to mind that are no longer there today. The biggest one that sticks out is George Lehman’s. Lehmans was a small gas station and mini-market located right in town on Market Street. Most kids would hang out in Lehmans since he had video games and pool tables. There was also a car wash down back. Older residents would stop in too and have coffee with George Lehman and others at the little small table located near the back of the store. Lehmans carried general items like candy,cigarettes,coffee,canned goods,etc. and also sold gas. George Lehman went out of business in the late 1980’s. He is survived today by his wife Elsie Lehman.

Dean Kaufman’s Arcade was located right across from George Lehman’s store and was in business for a number of years in the early ’80s. This of course was an arcade that did well for a number of years with arcade games and pinball machines. Candy and Guers Iced Tea were also sold there.

Flail’s Market was located on Market Street in the same building as the previously mentioned arcade. Run by the Flail family on Washington Street, this was a small grocery store that sold groceries and had a deli in it too. Flail’s Market was in business during the 1970’s to the early 1980’s.

Collin’s Market was located in the same building as Flail’s Market and the arcade. Yes, it seems this was a popular storefront in its time. Collin’s Market was in business from the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s. After that, it was a used furniture store for a few months and today no known business is there.

Eddie’s Restaurant brings back some memories of going to elementary school in Auburn. This was a popular restaurant not just for Auburn residents but also other people. Kids were there all the time since it was the closest place to get candy. Also, the old Auburn Elementary School is no longer there. It burned to the ground in the early 1980’s.

Well, those are a few of the places I remember growing up around. If you can recall any, feel free to comment. I am pretty sure I would know of the place.

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Fishing at Kaercher Creek Park Hamburg


Kaercher Creek Park Right side of the lake from the entry point

Kaercher Creek Park Right side of the lake from the entry point

Fishing trip at Kaercher Creek Park – Hamburg,PA.
Recently I did some fishing at Kaercher Creek Park in Hamburg, PA. This park is located on old Rt. 22 in Hamburg. From Hamburg you go west toward Lenhartsville,PA. This really is a nice park that is open 8 a.m. to sunset year round. This park has the typical regulations including: no camping,no swimming,no campfires,no alcoholic beverages,no firearms,and no pets.

Kaercher Creek Park offers many family oriented facilities including a lodge, picnic pavilion, children’s play apparatus, volleyball courts, sand volleyball court, quoit and horseshoe pits. Several summer concerts and interpretive programs are presented at Kaercher Creek Park. Also, they have two docks and a walking trail.

The fish you can catch at Kaercher’s include Bass,Muskies,Perch,Crappie Bass,Bluegills,Pickerel,Perch,and Rainbow Trout. I always find the fising better toward the northern shore of the lake and also like to use a small boat there. Boats are permitted but no gasoline engines.

Fishing was great that day. My buddy caught his first bass within 5 seconds of casting the first time. It was a nice one at 15 inches. I later caught one the same size. Bluegills and crappies were also biting very aggressively that day.

So, here are some of the pictures I took that day.

Ed Willard holding up the catch for the day

Ed Willard holding up the catch for the day

Another view of the lake

Another nice view of Kaercher Creek Park from the boat

Another nice view of Kaercher Creek Park from the boat

If you are in the Hamburg area and you have your rod check out Kaercher Creek Park sometime

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Some pictures from fishing on the Schuylkill River

I recently did some fishing on the Schuylkill river. I also took some pictures during that time.

Schuylkill River meeting the Bearcreek in Auburn

Schuylkill River meeting the Bearcreek in Auburn


Schuylkill River at the first railroad bridge southeast of Auburn.Going south on the tracks towards Port Clinton, PA

Schuylkill River at the first railroad bridge southeast of Auburn.Going south on the tracks towards Port Clinton, PA

 I started fishing that day down at the old canal in Auburn. Believe it or not the fishing is good. Sunfish will constantly bite as soon as the bait hits the water. Catfish are really abundant too and can be caught with worms or corn. The preceding day it rained so the water was real murky at the top of the canal. You could still see a lot of carp feeding near the surface. The carp in the canal are huge. They had to be anywhere from 18 to 36 inches easily.

Not many people know of the old Auburn canal, even those of us that do really don’t fish it much anymore. The area is grown in these days, but you can still get back there. I just know the area well since I used to fish there a lot as a child.

To reach the old Auburn canal: From Auburn going east on Rt. 895, just turn off on the right as soon as just pass The Arch (The railroad bridge you go under rigt after Union Bank & Trust).

Goin west on Rt. 895 (from Rt. 61) just pull over to the left before the Auburn Arch goin into town.

Once you are pulled over, either direction, there is an old dirt road that will take you back to the canal if you keep following it. The road is grown in also, however you can still tell it’s there.

Fishing on the Schuylkill river that day was decent with sunfish, white fish, suckers, catfish, and carp biting well. Nothing of size though.

Well, there ya go. Just another day in the outdoors fishing.

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